Help - delayed starting in race

Hi all, I have a serious issue. With my friend I am regularly doing this race 1vs1 but everything he is in the starting phase faster than me with absolutely identical cars. We both have the same controllers (Switch Pro Controller). We both press the gas button in the starting sequence but he is ALWAYS after 1 second 10 meter ahead of me. We checked the settings and they identical and his ping is at 10ms and mine is at 19ms.

The only thing which is different is that his PC is much faster in loading the game itself eg. loading new cars.

I have the following config with my MSI Laptop

MSI GL73 8SE-021DE 43,9 cm (17,3 Zoll) Gaming Notebook (Intel Core i7-8750H, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB PCIe SSD, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 6 GB, Windows 10)

Do you know how to solve that? I even have videos showing the delay with the same cars…

I hope you can help

Same tunes on each car? Same assist settings?

Other than that, I know sometimes in online races that some players will start fractionally earlier than others, but the game will account for that, which is why things like this happen:

It’s a complex thing (Netcode)
The networkpacket from your friend is routed trough the internet same as yours so the game works with old data
The Game predicts where the Car should be until next Packet then predicts again and so on

Ping/Packet doesnt always take same route thats when the car jumps backwards/forwards sometimes or some car hits u but it wasnt the player
Only the time at finish matters… Thats why sometimes someone finished in front of you but in results he/she is behind you

What gear settings are you both using (auto, manual, MC)? That can make a big difference.

We compared all of our settings and they are 100% identical.
We both use auto gears switching.

Comparing on a race is not the best option, try a rivals, like a short drag. Being both in auto, result should be extremely close.
Additionnally, is that controller wireless ? if yes, some local physical contraints can affect the latency and performance of the communication. Additionally, software installed on your PC like firewall, the performance of your wireless connectivity etc can also affect the result regardless your internent connection.

In my opinion, the very concept of console was also there to insure the best fair play possible. It was a time when console was about players, time is gone.

Okay. Many thanks. I will try. Would it be possible that the performance of my GPU or the overall spec of my PC is responsible?