Hello All

Hello to all the Horizon drivers out there. I have been playing the game since 2012 and have only been playing online for about 6 months, now I play more online than Single Player game lol.
I have played every Need For Speed game produced and a host of other driving games, Horizon is by far the best driving/racing game I’ve played.
I just wish that more on-line players would try to race clean, especially when you consider it’s the fastest way around the track. I understand there is some bumping in the corners and what not, but I’m talking about the people that deliberately run you off the course because you are faster than them. I have watched some decent ranked racers try to crash anyone that gets near them, as they try to crash the guy in front of me I usually go way outside and pass them both lol.

For the record, if I play you online, I race clean until you try to crash me out. If I do crash you first it’s by accident, so I’ll actually pull over and let you get ahead of me, then I’ll pass you cleanly lol.
Some basic game stats for me:
37.8% of the single player game finished
Wrist Band = Purple
On-line Level = Blue 47
My own favourite cars =
D - Honda HPD Fit
C - Mini65 and SRT8
B - Nissan R34
A - Audi RS-4
S - 2005 Subaru WRX
R3 - Mercialago or EVO
R2 - LP700
R1 - McLaren or LP700

If anyone cares to try to answer these, I have a couple questions about the game:

  1. I see sometimes on Point to Point races where someone will finish the race with a good time, placing 2nd or 3rd, but have only completed say 30% of the course. How does this happen lol. Shouldn’t they DNF if they don’t hit all checkpoints?

  2. I was in first place in an online S-Class race (there were no Vipers in the race), and as I was coming up to a left hand corner, a yellow Viper full of decals turned the same corner but from the opposite direction in front of me. As I turned the corner the Viper went transparent so we didn’t “crash”, I kept going and he stopped, I won the race.
    I thought it was a strange feature of the game or maybe just a glitch… Anyone?

See you Colorado :slight_smile: