Heavy Metal Affliction 2013 Ford Formula Ford EcoBoost 200

wow awesome story didn’t know anything about this type of racing love all other open wheel going to have to go get 5 just for that awesome looking car T10 did it again

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Had a go at the S-Class Time Trial in the Formula Ford (upgraded to S800):

Best lap: 2.04.834 (no assists, time is on leaderboards)

Made a few mistakes, think I can get into the 2.03’s with a few more laps!

I’ve shared my build and tune too if anyone wants to try it - search for ‘CQR MAGiC’

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nice write up!

good luck for the future CQR Champion, wish the best for you!

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Improved to 2.03.927 now :slight_smile:

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Cheers for all the support guys!
I really enjoyed oulton, a real drivers track. I have been told Croft is as well so we shall see!

Jump over to my facebook group and support your fellow Forza racer!

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Nice article! I wish I had the means to actually get out and race…

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The amazement of such talent I have right now… Is complete silence.
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This Formula Ford Ecoboost 200 seems to be really a rocket on light and fast tracks reminds me of the Ariel Atom which is also another extremely fast car and is very cool to have it in Forza seems to be very stable and easy to control and have a good acceleration strong off the look of race that draws enough attention combined with red, hope to have a chance to pilot it.
Ariel Atom V8:

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That was a really great story! He has a great future ahead of him for racing!

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Hey Guys, just wanted to say I have been trying to Twitch but have been experiencing technical difficulties.

I will keep trying though, hopefully they will have it back up soon.

New HMA on a rad car coming out tomorrow around noon.


I liked the story. Congratulations to Ashley, good luck to him. I’ve tried the Formula Ford in Forza 5 but I actually had a lot of trouble with it. I only drove it stock though for a few laps so I should have tried harder.
I look forward to reading more news articles.

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Excellent story! I especially liked the in cockpit video. It made me appreciate the degree to which actual drivers must learn and master the course! Being a Forza player, I am all too dependent upon the track orientation in the lower left to tell me exactly what is up ahead. Best of luck in all of your future racing, and hopefully we see you on the professional circuit someday.

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Quick update from today’s Formula Ford races at Croft:

Ashley Sutton (gamertag CQR Champion) won his first ever Formula Ford race in today’s second race. Starting 3rd on the grid, he overtook Scott and Abbott to take the lead and then pulled out a gap and won the race. What makes it even more impressive is he’s in a year old Scholarship class car, and beat all the top class runners to take the outright victory. So from Forza Motorsport racer to Formula Ford race winner, a massive congratulations from us all! If your in the UK & Ireland, you can watch Ashley live on ITV4 tomorrow afternoon for race 3 from Croft (race starts around 3.45pm).

Ashley’s paint is available from the Recommended Designs (or search for CQR NEON) and we also have a good tune shared (with some slight upgrades to PI 732) - search for CQR Smokey to download the tune.

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Great article as always John I can wait to get my Xbox 1 but my 360 broke and I had to buy a new one so it hurt my xbox1 fund. I will try to watch u on twitch and good luck. F4 unicorn Camaro Ss coupe and mustang gt 500

Just reviving an old story as Ashley Sutton has just become the 2017 BTCC Champion in the Subaru!

If anyone wants to read that article, here is the link from archive(dot)org:

Seeing as, since the last post in here, Sutton got another 2 titles and one 2nd place plus winning Autosport National Driver of the year in 2021, people should be able to read what he had to say back in the day.