Heads up accolade

Anyone know which menu this is located under? I’ve just unlocked it but can’t find it in the link options.

Found it.

You won a game of Eliminator without any car drops without realising it? Heads Up is not a trivial accolade to achieve, so the fact that you seemingly stumbled upon it is hilarious. Must have been one hell of a round to fall in to that one.

That’s like hitting a golf ball from the tee in to the hole on one strike, then asking your mates what a “hole in one” is :smiley:


Maybe that’s the mistake of so many others that want it too bad. We all know that doing it that way won’t lead to success. And in the broken state the game and especially the eliminator is, propably it is the best time to achieve this.

Yeah I don’t buy it either. No way you could have driven around for 15 mins and never seen a purple smoke

Actually fairly easy; remember you can still go up by eliminating people. I’ve had games where I’ve done that and not seen a car drop with a better car than the one I was using.

Doesn’t stop me driving into trees, though. They still grow in front of me whether or not I’m in a car drop car or one I got from an opponent.

Nah, you do see the smoke, you just don’t need it. I got this accolade accidentally as well. Started the round and another player stole lvl6 audi from under my nose at the very start. So once I beat him there wasn’t much point to look for car drops, I just kept upgrading via challenges.

You can see yourself: https://youtu.be/4suizOdOQGY

This is one of those accolades I am not going to worry over and maybe I’ll get lucky one day and just happen to get it. I don’t know how many times I tried this one on FH4 and never got it. I’m not going to waste my time on it this time around. I’m not a big fan of Eliminator anyways and usually only participate when it’s required through the playlist which I am sure is the reason for including Eliminator in the playlist.

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I got this accolade on my first eliminator win, just by beating other players with higher tier cars than mine. Got a 4 tier boost at one point.
Didnt realise that it’s a hard accolade to get until much later lol

And here I am for about the last week or so for about 2 hours a day trying to get an Eliminator win without any car drops for this accolade.

No success. And you don’t even wanna know how many games I’ve played since trying to go for this. I can guarantee you nobody has a worse Eliminator win percentage than me.

And the amount of ways I’ve lost races. Just unlucky

I finally did it aswell and with that i finished all eliminator accolades. The winning final race was with a lvl6 Ariel Nomad.
Was hiding with the Beetle deep inside the jungle when someone with a lvl5 Deberti approached and challenged me. He crashed 2-3 times so i was able to beat him and got the Deberti myself. Beaten another lvl5 with the Deberti and got upgraded to lvl6 Ariel Nomad. Stayed with it for the final race and i won.
I decided to try it today and took my around 7-8 tries to do it. It was my 45th overall win.