Headlight bug is back from FM 7

During non-night races, brake lights would be on, but headlights would be off.

Here we go again…

Needs to be added to the list of fixes.

Same for fog.

Ai rear lights on but no front and player car had no lights at all.

yes still that neon, bright white effect on car lods at a certain distance. but its a bit better than FM7.

Its very sad that there are problems with the lights since FM6 and that they have hardly been fixed since then


Yep … Also brake light bug from previous games it seems. Just got into the legend… The Countach… And while the headlights pop up at night, there’s no brake lights at the back… Hmm…

And this is what you get for reusing old assets and not doing enough QA, folks.


When you open photomode during race and turn on/off lights, the tail lights stay off how it should be at day race, but no change to the interior still lights up/set to night -.-

Here the existing bug in FM7

and the same added in FM2023, but with photo mode you can turn them off. Works for all cars in the race open photo - turn lights on, off - back to race and they stay turned off how they should!

hope those vids work -.-

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Built from the ground up yet experiencing the same weird bugs? Hmm ok

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Nice! Very helpful.

So if I turn on the headlights in photo mode, then headlights and brake lights should remain lit, right?

I didn’t try it at all because I just wanted to turn them off not on ^^

Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work,
because at cars with daytime running lights are also switched off. :unamused:

But i found out that the Acura #6 ARX is not even affected of this bug

Ferrari F40 Taillight turned off
Ferrari F50 Taillight turned on
Lamborghini Countach Taillight not even working

What is wrong with this game or Devs who let this happen
or what is not wrong in this game😠