head to head

Can someone please help me. I can’t seem to figure out how to start a head to head against the drivatars. D’you have to unlock it as you go along in the game?
Someone on another forum said if I drive behind them I’ll be prompted but I tried that & got no prompt.

No idea, but I’m wondering the same thing. I played the first Horizon and when you followed another racer you’d get a prompt to start a head to head. I’ve tried that in Horizon 2 and can’t seem to get it to trigger.

I’ve just started playing H2 so I was wondering if this is something that “unlocks” after you reach a certain milestone or event.

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You must first play the game a little bit to unlock this feature. I forget when you unlock it, but I do know that after your first “Award Ceremony” every feature in the game is unlocked.

To initiate the race, you push what used to be the “back” button when the on-screen prompt appears. It is the one that has the two overlapping boxes on it. To initiate the race, you must be behind the car at some distance. If you get too close or touch the car, the prompt goes away and if you are too far it either will not appear or it will disappear. I’d say about half a car length to a car length and a half is where the game allows you to start a race.

Be careful with multiple drivatars in close proximity. The message may not always appear or it may be over a car not directly in front of you as it does have a slight delay.

Yeah you have to play the game a little bit before unlocking this feature. To start a head to head race you must be behind the drivertar you want to challenge, by pressing X you can start the race. Becareful of what car you race though, you might underestimate them…

To add the to the replies: If your using automatic gear shifting then the prompt is the X button