[HCR] A700 TVR Sagaris - Open Source - Top 10s!

Hi all,

Here is another tune I made, a TVR for short and medium tracks. I’ve done a few leaderboards in it and there’s some solid times. I also took it in the Ghost League, one night I had the company of Mr Fade which meant some really good racing, and pushing really hard seeing how the car fared. The car seems to run well on wet tracks like me with the 787B. On Brands Hatch Wet I was pleased with my lap time, embedding myself within the Alfa 33 Stradale lockout.

Tune is on my Sharefront but here’s the open source if you fancy a play around:

Here’s the build:

No Conversions

No Power Upgrades
Race Diff only - no other Transmission parts
All Platform and Handling bar any Roll Cage and only Sport Brakes.
Sport Tyre Compound
2nd Rear Tyre Width (285mm)
Forza Aero
Rim Style - Heaviest (Choose the least ugly or bling bling)
1x Front and Rim Size (19")

Now the tune:

Tyre Pressures: 28.5/28.0

Gearing: Stock

Alignment: Camber: -1.1/-0.7, Toe: 0/0, Caster: 7.0

Anti-Roll Bars: 5.00/1.00

Springs: Rate: 388.6/366.6 (lb/in), Height: 3.3/3.3 (min)

Damping: Rebound: 7.1/6.7, Bump: 1.0/1.0

Aero: 100/200 (max) (designed for shorter tracks, you may adjust if you find that straight line speed is lacking)

Braking: Stock

Diff: 33%/30%

And some lap times:

Brands Hatch Wet - 1:39.210 (#20 EU, #24 O/R) (In a super competitive field of Alfa 33s)
Hockenheim Short - 1:06.414 (#12 EU, #16 O/R)
Le Mans Bugatti - 1:51.707 (#7 EU, #9 O/R)
Rio Mini - 34.334 (#13 EU. #15 O/R)
Road America West - 1:20.886 (#17 EU, #24 O/R)
Sebring Club Wet - 1:12.430 (#9 EU, #14 O/R)
Silverstone Intl Wet - 1:12.735 (#5 EU, #9 O/R)
Sonoma Short - 1:18.238, (#13 EU, #18 O/R)
Watkins Glen Short - 1:15.521 (#8 EU, #13 O/R)
Yas Marina North - 1:14.603 (#8 EU, #16 O/R)

@ HMR Motorhead - I really enjoyed the Sagaris on FM5 which was my first game (ever!..lol…), so, will certainly be checking this out. Great job on those PBs btw.


Thanks :), I’m adding to it as I go! I hope you enjoy the tune.

I added the sport driveline to your build as it still fit within a-700. (saved 3.9 pounds)
will run this tomorrow. Thanks for posting.

edit: noticed race diff is not in the build list, but it is a component as we are tuning diff with this setup.

Just downloaded this from the sharefront and took it for a quick run on Cat. Nat. SMOOTH as BUTTER…
I’m looking forward to running it in the A Ghost League today.
Will drop back in and let you know how I did

Some very eagle eyed spots there, I’ll update!

Thanks, it felt even smoother in the rain, almost too smooth, I’m looking forward to your feedback.

good tune

Added sport driveline and it goes to 701…?

Yeah just checked - no driveline.

Thanks for the kind words though. I saw a few people using it in lobbies and it was quite a nice feeling, I also engaged them for feedback and it seemed all well. From what I’ve gathered including the feedback, it does lack outright stralght line speed which is fair enough. There are Vipers that can take on the intermediate or longer tracks that have more straights on.

I just ran it on Sonoma short (prev. Nascar) and did a 1:18.238, good enough for #13 in EU and #18 outright.

For the record, I just edited the OP with what night have caused a discrepancy. I mistakenly wrote tyre width rather than rim size. That should be sorted now.

I’ll be trying this out tonight, nice to see a TVR tune!

I hope you enjoy it!

I did that as it felt a bit rough otherwise. Maybe soft ARBs in conjunction with other settings make tunes work better in rain?

5/1 arbs? Lol.

I gotta try this.

I just ran a personal best, well, first clean lap period, on Nürburgring Full (wet). I’d been trying to beat one of my friends for weeks on this track and I finally did it, and by over 10 seconds. My wet 'Ring time is now a clean lap of 10:24:307. Straight line speed was never an issue. It’s a great tune with very predictable handling, especially for a TVR. That puts me at number 18 in the Americas, 56 in the world, and 2nd in the division, below a 2014 Aston Martin Vantage S. From what I’m seeing, this is currently the fastest A-class Sagaris on that track configuration. It took 3 laps to finally get a clean one, but that was more due to me having to memorize puddle locations than the car. I’ll give credit to you in the replay description. Well done!

Thanks for sharing. Ive downloaded this ready to go. Not easy to find good wet setups.