Having collusion on in pits

Idk why T10 decided to turn collusion on when your in the pits. It was better off because w/ it off, cars dont have to deal w/ hitting eachother when there entering and exiting the pits. That was the whole point of having no collusion in the pits. So why the hell would you turn it on in the recent Feb. update we just got? Now when I pit, I’m constantly hitting into cars entering or exiting the pits. Theres even times where (for some odd reason) I get stuck in there because there’s cars that are blocking the exit. Idk how the cars block the way but they just do. T10 PLEEEEASE UPDATE THE GAME WHERE COLLUSION MODE IS OFF IN THE PITS!!! I don’t understand why you thought it was a good idea to turn it on. Thank you.

No collusion lol

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