Having a lot of trouble adjusting please help

Hey guys, thanks in advance for any help you may bring me or anyone else for that matter. I;m having quite a lot of trouble transitioning from fh2 to fh3. ill start by saying i use 900 degree rotation and a Thrustmaster TX and th8a ( i use paddle as clutch until t3pa pro goes back up for sale) and i was a decent drifter in fh2. however i’m having a lot of issues with this new game. i strapped in and loaded a nearly identical tune on a fairlady z as my fh2 one that i have no issues with. however when i would clutch kick the wheel wouldn’t feed for me to hold the angle and it would just stay in a neutral position. about 1 in 5 drifts it will kind of feed but its super twitchy and ends up shaking all over the place to the point where i spin out. i started with Force feedback on 60 like i was used to and vibration on like 40. i then tried turning FF up to 100 and noticed similar issues. it frustrated me to see certain streamers and drift buddies having no issues at all drifting and i’m not quite sure why its bothering me so much. Thanks a bunch, stay sideways

I use the TMX with T3PA and pro pedals. Ffb and vibration at 100 each. I quickly learned that my ability to drift and overall control with P1 and up cars greatly improved when I switched to 270 degrees and steering on normal instead of simulation. Also, as stupid as it sounds, I am quickly realizing that in many instances, including drifting, chase cam is often best. Taking some adjustment, but after a few hours i am finding chase view with my wheel the best way to play.

Ewww 270 deg try 570 it seems beat for overall drift and race it’s not twitchy and turn off vibration is will throw you off imo

And the best way to play isn’t chase cam it’s triple screen and a handbrake mod on a wheel lol imo.