Have you changed your gamertag sInce forzarc

If you have changed your gamertag since forzarc ended and your expecting any dlc codes from the leagues your not going to get them.

I have been speaking with esl for the past couple of days, at first they told me ms were issuing the codes. I argued with him and eventually they admitted they already have all the codes and they are in fact issuing them. I won’t be getting anything unless I have screen shots of the leaderboard. Top 50% dosnt warrant a screen shot, top 10 maybe.

Well I’m a bit disapointed, I hated the cars the lobbys were utterly unplayable and the whole thing was a grind for absolutely nothing.

If anyone else is in the same situation then let’s join forces and show esl on there own forum.

Dude it’s ESL for crying out loud the morons were too dumb to think that there would be a tie at the finals and they’re too proud to admit they make mistakes even when it’s so obvious. Trust me I’ve taken up so many issues with them but like idiots they don’t have the intelligence capacity to accept anything that doesn’t agree with them.

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Great news after posting in the esl forum they sent me the codes. 3 days and it was sorted. 3 weeks of forza lagging and not 1 word from t10

Where did you post to do that? I’ve posted a few times and still got nothing.