Have a question about ex points

My husband got 60000 ex point in one go drifting and such then another 70000 and another 50000 its shows on the overall ex points but not the club leaderboard ,it just shows 16000 on the club. Do the club leader boards take a while to update or can you only get a certain amount at a time or is something wrong?

Skill points and XP are different. After banking a skill chain, you get a (much smaller) chunk of XP.

Skill points are in yellow and centered a quarter of the way down the screen, but the XP is off to the left and about half way down and appears in white. Skill points were only good for the perks - it is the much smaller XP that you get that counts for everything else.

To add to this, the XP gained from 50,000 - 70,000 skill chains is around 2,000 XP. It should pop up on the left side when you bank the skill chain.

Ok that makes sense thank you soo much :slight_smile:

Thank you