Has Turn 10 ever explained why

…career mode has such wonky performance index requirements? I’m trying to complete the ultimate grand tourer series and every PI is in the middle of its respective class. I know this has been discussed before (and I tried searching for a thread but couldn’t find one), but this is incredibly frustrating. I don’t tune my own cars and all the tuners I follow tune to the nearest 100. I use team forza cars that are matched up for career sometimes, but I have either maxed their affinity levels or simply want to drive the dozens of other cars I could use for that career path. Has the reasoning for this ever been explained to us?

Mods, if there is a relevant thread for this, can it please be merged? I couldn’t find any. Thanks.

They haven’t but the slightly quirky PIs do stop you from simply downloading a top tune and sailing through the career events. It’s a halfway house between racing stock and Max PI tunes. I like it personally. It makes you think a little more about car choice and it’s a nice change from all the easy wins of previous releases.


Unbeatable AI does the same thing :wink:

Personally I don’t like the odd PI limits, as it means that any car I decide to use for Multiplayer afterwards needs to be re-built (and ususally isn’t, gets sold right away).

Yea its annoying, dislike career because of it.

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The whole career is annoying but still a million times better than forza 5 :wink: well done turn 10!

In the tuner lounge I collected all tuners career tunes in one location. Now that I’m doing the career I’ve been testing out quite a few.

They are not all good/ or suit all styles. But there are quite a few gems

Dagnofear’s shelby Daytona is a car that you can win on unbeatable in storefront - there are others

I often find using the key word “career” helps bring some up that have really worked as well.

If you find any tunes you really like be sure to post them there and I’ll put them in the op. I’ve started a guide but I doubt I’ll place it on this forum as it gets a bit contentious at times especially about achievements. But it’s is helpful to go to one place- see the volumes and track listings so you can run the differing cars on the tracks that will be coming up. So I may once closer to done.

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I believe it’s just to make a larger market place. Think about it, if you suddenly have tunes at 5 random pi’s e.g. X50 X75 you suddenly open up a lot more tunes people can sell and share. On top of this is makes the game a little less redundant as you aren’t driving the same build over and over.

That being said It does bug me and I think the user should be able to choose.

I’d also be cool to be able to race stock cars.

I skipped career altogether because of this ridiculous decision… There was no good reason at all to do it IMO… Its a complete waste of time building cars that have zero use outside of career.

I really would not have expected an explanation from Turn 10 on this matter.

I personally love career mode. One I found an easy way to tell what the max level I can upgrade each car to for a give set of races, it became even more enjoyable.