Has the Extreme E fiasco been universally condemned enough yet?

Why say that? You’re happy with the same car over and over and over and over and over and over and over and and and


I have made good use of the Extreme E situation by making a Vinyl car collection… because there are 10 cars, why not make them all work as a group? So I have made the England Squad Lionesses…

England Squad Lionesses

Gotta get em all!

You said “vinyl collection” and I was imagining a set of records as the theme.

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FH6 will have 1 car with 900 liveries and will be announced as 1st game to get launched with 900 cars.


But it will be a BMW so no one will notice.


FH6 will have 900 identical EV cars all with different liveries and none of them interchangeable and no tunes interchangeable. Other than that, you got it pretty much right.

I’ve been trying to figure out what sound they actually make. I get the feeling that for the races they have microphones on the engines and they mix the close sound of the engine in with the rest to make the cars sound more ‘extreme’.

I saw a test video (will look it up) and the car was quite silent in that one, like a big RC. Definitely not the wail of the Mustang Mach E 1500. It did make more sound than it does in FH5 though.

Imagine if PGG announced that FH6 will be EV focused and only contain EVs. Then imagine how many people would die inside. Now imagine cramming all those dead souls into a plastic bottle and piercing the lid. That’s the sound EV cars make.

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I would prefer if the game also put the mic near the engine.

While you seem to be right that they often seem to mix in additional sound sources the actual cars don’t sound nothing like ingame. You can clearly hear this in the Goodwood videos or the one from Block driving it before his Dakar stint.

Fact is the implementation of these cars is horrible. That they can’t get the engine sound right is just the tip of the iceberg. I mean what sound do you think the offroad tires used on these behemoths make on apshalt in general and especially if cornering or breaking hard for example. Right, the one that’s not even existing. Which so far wasn’t really a problem with the sounds of screaming combustion engines masking it not being existent. Now with this offroad EV crap we’re condemned to listen to the animals, trees and water instead.

The implementation of these cars is just “shoddy” at best and clearly shows which route this franchise is taking.


Straight-cut gears


Agreed. And Extreme E cars are a complete Crap. and the AI on seasson games it’s absolutley stupid.

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… of the two gearboxes that are reducing the MGU (Motor Generator Unit) speed to wheel speed ratio.

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What chase cam should sound like :smile::pleading_face:

It’d be sweet if they fixed it, however unlikely.

Somehow that sounds fake. Is it possible that the video was edited with sound added afterwards?

Sounds like a sick kitchen appliance I’d unplug and throw in the trash. I could listen to that video for about 5 seconds which is about how long I could stand to listen if I were there in person.

It’s what they sound like.

That’s a completely different sound though.

I’m trying to post the YouTube link I don’t know if I’m doing this right. I’ve ask @PassionWagon69 to post it too.

But this is what a score offroad buggy should sound like. Not some broken kitchen blender.

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