Has the Extreme E fiasco been universally condemned enough yet?

Have the devs learned their lesson, that filling our garages and event rewards with 11 exactly identical cars but with different liveries was a really, REALLY bad idea in a game with limited garage space and the ability to swap liveries at a whim? Have we convinced them yet to never, EVER even CONSIDER doing something that idiotic again? In a game that has collecting different cars as one of the core mechanics, 11 of those cars should not be THE EXACT SAME THING. This was bad. This was beyond bad. But I’m not sure the devs are aware of just HOW bad it really was.

The ideal situation - which will never happen mind you - would be an apology in game, the removal of all the unique “variants” and simply 1 “2022 Extreme E” vehicle with all the various liveries available to choose at a whim from the game entirely, and anyone who had any of them in their garage be comped a voucher for an “exclusive” car of their choice per vehicle, and a solemn promise that they will never do anything like that again. Again, this won’t happen. But yes, I genuinely believe that Extreme E implementation in this game was THAT bad.

Do not put duplicate cars in the game that are only differenced by their paint job. If people want a “full roster” of Extreme E vehicles with each livery in their garage, they can do that with buying duplicates. Stop being lazy. Copy/paste is not content.


Have we convinced them to never add free content to the game…

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Back in FM6? they charged money for… was it 24 NASCAR cars?

And then there’s the F1, IndyCar, and Formula E cars that are in large part just different liveries in that series.

Was there a few cars from that AU racing series that were in the same boat? I don’t recall.


You mean like maybe just 1 911 with different tunes?


But otherwise I agree with all you said!


Clearly they were not universally condemned enough then with the NASCAR pack.

It’s possible that, due to silly licensing rules, no amount of condemnation can change the fact that each official racing team has to be individually represented.


A few moments later…

Due to high demand PGG has just announced their next expansion EV WORLD!!! All existing and future cars will be transformed into EVs to help save the planet. This applies to both expansion holders and non expansion holders.


I agree. I completely agree. They should never have done this.
Every day you read about these wrongdoings in the news - about these great tragedies that befall unsuspecting innocent people. Every day you read that stuff, but still you never think it might one day happen to you, that, one day, you might be the victim. And here we are, at the wrong end of a smoking gun.

An in game apology doesn’t cut it for me. What good would that do? “We’re sorry” doesn’t fix what they destroyed. It doesn’t turn back what they did. It doesn’t fix anything man.
Maybe if they show their hideous faces on big international news networks. Maybe if they tell everyone, in and outside of this community, what they did. Maybe if they show the whole world the cruelties they expose people to. Maybe that would make a change. But I doubt it.

WHERE IS AMNESTY!? WHERE IS UNICEF!?? How can they stand by idly while little kids are being exposed to such vile cruelties. 10 copies of cars, not just for you, but for EVERYONE who plays this game. You might be at an age where you can stand up and fight for yourself. You might even be strong enough to battle your own completionism and delete them. But 10 year old kids play this game… I shiver at the thought.

All we can do is stand by each other, pull each other through these difficult times in the hopes that one day… one day, man… ONE DAY… we can all lead “normal” and “happy” lives again. Or at least, most of us can. I hope you are one of those people Kailen4, I hope you are one of them.


I don’t think I’ll ever be the same. The scars run too deep, man.

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Dead horse pugilism primary fuel for this place.
Still doesn’t solve much.

I would literally uninstall every Forza game on my XBOX.


100% agree.
Never want to see another Extreme E event on the playlist ever again.
Cars are useless and just filling valuable garage spaces for no reason whatsoever.


Well I for one have quite enjoyed the extreme e series so far. The championships have provided a different challenge and they are different from previous series. I also think they drive ok too and more than held my own in a couple of Tours(yes I know) and a few rivals runs.

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Speak for yourself, man. I like the Extreme E vehicles and have enjoyed the championships and look forward to more.

You’re free to simply remove the vehicles from your garage.


Stop. You’re scaring me.

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The only fiasco I see in extreme e is the lack of a big championchip like a championchip with 10 races or so, or a possibility to set up own championships.
And a AI overhaul should also be part of implementing racing series into FH as well as the increase of garage places, tunes and liveries.

I would appreciate to get more eRacingSeries into FH.


e :face_vomiting:

'Nuf said


Need concessions here on garage space. Sending me 14 versions of the same car whilst I struggle for breathing room in my pixelated garage just ain’t funny.


I’m following Extreme E on YouTube, and it’s an interesting racing series as part of a much bigger environmental concept (if you’re into that).

That said, since they race in a few different climate zones in very different environments, Playground Games had the chance to create a smaller version of the actual championship on the Mexico map - but didn’t. Too bad. It could have been glorious with some new off-road race courses.


I think 1 big championship available for the entire series would have been better here + is a great idea in general for the playlist.

I know some people are enjoying driving them but the 2 seasonal championships every week for the Extreme E’s in this series has gone stale for me already, we already know by now how they feel + what they’re like to drive, I just don’t see the benefit of asking us to do 6 races a week in them in addition to most of the dailies being themed around them.