Has anyone recieved the Halo driver gear?

To anyone waiting for their gear you might just have to wait longer. I just got my Halo gear earlier today, so microsoft is still sending them out.

Just got my 2nd code for a different gamertag
Got my 1st 2 days ago

They are going out in waves
Be patient and they will come

I have a code for anyone that wants it.

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Il take it mate pm me it thanks

Thanks very much Mike very much appreciated

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Got all 3 suits, 1 in-game and 2 via xbox message

Was it not 2 in game halo and 1 halo Xbox live code or you on about the gears of war driver suit also mate

I still haven’t recieved mine unfortunately

If I get any il send one your way mate

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Thanks so much. That would be great. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I played Halo Wars 2 demo, is it matters to get the Halo driver gear? I hope, because I don’t have any Halo games in my account and I didn’t receive any code from Xbox.

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I’ve played Halo 5 & MCC so many times before November 31st, but still haven’t recieved it.

Played all 3 Halo games. Still waiting on mine. I guess we shall see!

Got my rivals Halo Gear (Master Chief and Vale), but have NOT got the Halo branded suit as of yet either.

Would appreciate a code for the halo (or GoW) gears if anyone has a spare…

I haven’t got my Halo gear codes yet and i have played halo

I’m waiting for my code, i played Halo5 for >2500hours and MCC for >700hours…i want the suit

It may take a while to get all the codes out, they usually do them in batches. I would wait until at least the end of the month before we start whining.

Just got mine through.