Has anyone got club details?

Been having problems with a group of crash monkeys with a club moniker of [QORC]. It’s gathered together quite a large group of them too and they are becoming very annoying to a lot of public lobby racers. I’d like to talk to the club owner, and hold him to account. Any details would be grateful.

Keep grouping them up so we’ll know to watch out for them as they will be known as the worst drivers in the world

I got called a “Rookie Driver” by someone today in a 1 lap cruise at Old LeMans. Prolly some little kid, but his Xbox 360 GT is NOR KILLA CAL. He was parked in the middle of the Mulsanne and I didnt see him, because I was trying out a new setup for my Venom GT, that goes 268 MPH. Not really my fault, right ? Well I invited Mr. NOR to Party Chat, which was never accepted. I’m just really questioning who’s really the Rookie :slight_smile: