Has anyone else lost drive?

Twice today while braking really hard and downshifting two different cars on different tracks lost all drive. It doesn’t matter what gear I shift to or what I do my car will not move, even in reverse.

The Telemetry does not show the brakes are on but it’s acting like the e-brake is being applied. Wonder if this is a problem with my pedals as I use the left peddle which is normally the clutch as my e-brake. Maybe I’m tapping it and it’s locking out. Even if I restart the race it does not work. I have to actually exit the game completely, or power cycle my wheel and pedal setup.

Strange thing is it’s happened twice today and not once before and I’ve got over a hundred hours into the game. I’m on PC for note.

Were you, by chance, driving an Alfa or a Renault?

If so, kudos to realism.

But jokes aside, I’ve never had that happen to me yet thankfully.

Maybe time to clean some pots.

Brand new clubsport V2.5 , brand new pedals, brand new wheel. I doubt it’s a connection issue as it knows that I’m pressing the gas and revs the engine that car just doesn’t go anywhere. That’s why I’m thinking it might be locking the e-brake.

Not drive, but a few times when I start the next race my wheel seems to become a random controller. All the buttons flip around and I lose all the pedals, DOR gets reset to 900 too.

I have not had this happened. But I have lost force feedback a couple of times which required a game restart. Did not have to reboot the wheel though. Strange thing was everything else worked, I was able to steer and had gas and brake. Even finished a few races without force feedback. Never happens during the race always in transition from the menu to the grid. You can actually feel the force feedback drop off right as the ruling start counts down to zero. This definitely sounds like a bug that needs to be fixed. Probably very low on anybody’s list, so I haven’t even bothered to complain. Sure is strange driving with a loose wheel.

Sounds like you have the custom mapping bug.

Maybe try resetting your config back to defaults and retest.

Thanks Dust I will give that a try. Got to love when a bug actually gets a name it’s so common.

All this is listed in the OP of the FFB thread :wink:

I’ve stopped looking at that thread as I’ve got my force feedback perfect and don’t need any more details ideas or help. But I guess I should check every so often for updates