Has anybody else accidentally devoted their life to fm6 sense its launch?

Wait, what? Some people actually do something else other than playing forza? No way…

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Lol I’m starting to increase my forza hours now. I logged a bunch In 3 because life was simple. Never played 4, rarely played 5 because I would curse at it to much but 6 is getting some more playing time. Especially since the winter is amongst us. But as soon as winter is over I’ll be back doing real auto cross and track days instead of video games.

HaHa, no. This game isn’t as good as forza 4. And I’ve got a little guy who’s just 14 months old. Way more important.

Yup, I have been staying up a lot later than I should and have been consumed in Forza. Weekends I have been getting up eeeextra early too…haha. some alone time before the family wakes up. Needless to say my wife has been a little bit annoyed lately.