Has anybody else accidentally devoted their life to fm6 sense its launch?

Going through the game hub on my Xbox I noticed I’d love 192 hours in it and it hasn’t been a month yet already a juicy carpack is out and many game fixes I fear that number only going to increase, being the games only been out 22 days that means 36% of my life sense September 15 I’ve been playing forza I don’t know weather to be impressed with myself or disgusted either way I’m only 52 percent done with the campain/showcase events left I’m very impressed with turn 10s ability to make a game this addictive. Anyone else spending too much time in fm6?

Since. The word you are looking for is since. But since you’ve been playing Forza so much, I guess you can’t be expected to know that. :wink:

Also whether.


Yes but only about 70 hours, do you hav a job or work from home? I don’t think I could fit that many hours in no matter how hard I tried.

No and I seriously hope you are younger then 14 and even then I would remove the xbox from my childs room at that point.Glad you like the game but you need to get outside.

Not even close, I’d never let a video game take over my life. I think I have around 20 hours. I don’t watch tv and tend to play an hour or so in the evening. Some nights more some nights not at all. During the day I work and evenings I spend with my family.

Sounds like you have a problem and need to spend some time away from the controller.

I am trying very hard to resist!

I too know the pain of fm6 taking over my …I’m not going to tell you how many hrs I’ve lost to this game and how many nights sleep I’ve missed (just incase my misses sees this post) just be warned you run the risk of over doing and the game becoming boring within 2 months

I wish!! Holding down a 50-hour-a-week job, plus family and housework gives me an hour tops per day (and not even every day!). If it wasn’t for streaming to my laptop, it’d be less than that.
I think at my gameplaying height I probably used to hit about 30 ish hours per week, but that was young and no responsibilities.

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I have logged thousands of hours in Forza 3 and Forza 4. Forza 5, not so much…

But yeah, it’s easy to lose time on Forza. When i was running competitions for the CRS I could easily hit a hundred hours in a week. But i’m long term ill, and can do little else. It’s amazing how quick those hours stack up. But at least it’s not mindless, you need to learn stuff to do well in Forza, esp tuning etc.


alot of people do. sometimes its ocd. sometimes people use it for a distraction from real life. i went thru a bout of depression when my brother died. all i did was work and play forza. it would occupy my mind in a way watching movies or tv couldn’t. it would make me unaware of the depression for a while, give me a mental/emotional break. yeah playing alot can be harmful at times, other times it can be very therapeutic.


Sorry for your loss rdo, it is never easy. Hope you have found a way to get through it and are doing well in your day-to-day!

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In a racing game with all the ramming …therapeutic Is not a word I would use lol

Yeah therapeutic is the word i’d use.
Since my various injuries, i can’t do many things i used to take for granted, so depression is an ever present demon on my shoulder. Games like Forza can really draw you in, and for those few hours you can forget about all the real world problems you deal with daily. Most people play games as a distraction, but for some, it can be a vital escape.

@rdo3 I’m sorry about your brother bud, my friend took his own life a couple of weeks ago and Forza has been distracting me from some of that. Like you said, it keeps the emotions out of the way for a short while, giving you some respite. Take it easy bud.


I am not one to judge, or care how much someone plays. Heck, I think I play a lot.

I am amazed by some of the levels these folks online have achieved. There are ppl over lvl 300 out there.

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i am fine today. didn’t mean to depress anybody. just useing an example of who it can at times be life saving almost not life destroying. you never know what someone is going thru. when i was depressed i was trying to escape the depression, not dwell on it so i never talked about it at the time. went to a cousins funeral yesterday, and i am not going thru crushing depession this time. maybe i gave my subconscious time to figure out how to deal with permanent loss of someone or something that couldn’t be replaced when my brother died. it was the 1st time i had gone thru it fully aware. my grandparents died when i was a small child. the 2nd time is not nearly as hard. to anyone else going thru that it does get better in time, you will learn to smile again.


I don’t think you depressed anybody dude. Just lots of us going through things like this. I mean everybody dies eventually, and people don’t talk about it enough. Another reason I love Forza and it’s community. The topics for discussion are so wide ranging, and life essential, such as this one. We regularly have discussions about things like this, disability, illness etc and it’s good. Because it’s not the kind of thing that usually just “crops up”.
Keep racing dude, and keep talking! :slight_smile:


FM6, Elite: Dangerous, Work, Bed. Food happens when neccesary.

Life of B Wald, lol.


Yeah my girlfriend is so pissed.

I admit this game is pretty sweet. Though my standards are pretty high man. I mean, I’ve been on Madden for 2 days before that I was on Forza for like 3. My expectancy for NBA 2k was so high up but the game was so disappointing, that it makes my love for Forza grow much, MUCH overwhelmingly much stronger. Especially with my history racing on these tracks.

Right here, buddy!

Been losing sleep… and I know I should be working… but the thought of goofing off from work to get in a quick F6 session (or two) crosses my mind at least a few times a day.

Forzaaaaaa… **** YEAH!