Hard Luck Racing's Hotlap Challenges Week 14: Grand Oak National, B Class, Modern Sport Compact

Lol! Yeah right. I probably still can’t catch you

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In general is it best to stick to maximum grip with these cars?

Reason I ask is that I built a Oldsmobile with max grip and then tried a different build with more speed and the speed gains were tiny and probably not worth the increased difficulty around the turns.

Will that be a similar case on all the cars within the division or is the Olds just a dog?

Best time was 1.01.7xx or something.

The first thing I considered is each of the cars weight balance (the Olds is very nose heavy). I started with the GTX as it’s strangely almost 50/50 (something like 55/45). While that wasn’t the car I ultimately set my time with, it is probably one of the best balanced cars of the bunch, not great for rivals but probably decent for racing as it is consistent lap after lap.

The Valiant Charger is similar, but lacks power unless you decide to do an engine swap.

Yas Marina is so flat and the curbs are a bit aggressive, so I did run with upgraded tires (slicks). The GTX was very controllable with stock tires but needs aero to make it decent in the turns. In the end, the Valiant was just faster for me, as the GTX was about 1 second behind.

We seriously need to get the wheel spacing from FH5 in to FM…I still don’t understand why they didn’t carry it over.


The meta in the new fm is race tires on everything

E class to x every single leaderboard car is race tires

All my times and tunes are race tire / race weight / 6.2 swap

Charger is stock engine because the 6.2 makes it like mid way to A class but the charge is by far the lightest by like 300-400 pounds


No doubt there are exceptions but, both for these cars and hotlapping in general, building for maximum grip is the way to go.


My man! So glad you are doing this again. I’m certainly for the latest installment. Previous GT was MARsSPEED.

XBOX GT is xRowdyBurnsx
Racing on XBS with Fanatec CSL DD, Hood View


Well, we do have ballast now…not that we get to choose where it actually goes in the car…lol.

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I don’t think I had ballast in any of my cars if so it might be very minor at most with this track layout you need a balance of just enough grip but at the same time speed for the back straight and the finish line straight you can make up a lot of time on both for the home stretch straight you want to take the last turn without having to lift off the gas very much

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Due to the snooze fest of car levelling I’ll probably ditch the Olds and give the Holden a shot next :slight_smile:

I want a top 10 time ideally.

BTW, I’d never normally use any of these cars and was pleasantly surprised how driveable the Olds was in B class guise.


Neither fast nor furiouse, but had fun with this Schrottkarre.

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series X
near chase

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59.372 in the Valiant Charger tune shared


Nice dude !!

Did you go with stock motor or the 3.2 swap or 6.2?

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stock engine

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Great turnout everyone!

We are up to 33 drivers with clean laps, and 4 drivers in the top 10 already.

Thanks for all your support, it makes all the work worthwhile.

The leaderboard can be viewed from the opening post.


Gave the Olds another go. Put the 6.2 in it with race tyres, and max weight reduction then built the rest around that.

Managed to get my time down to 1.00.945. There’s more left in it but I’m looking for tuning tips for more response on the front end at low speeds if possible. Fairly happy with the back end.

(Wheel user)


Currently got the Nova to position #9, 1:00.536, only Nova I see. I’m probably a better tuner than driver, maybe someone else can get it faster.


Sounds great!

Series X
Cockpit view

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How often does the doc get updated? I also noticed my vehicle is listed wrong.

Just pipped your time in the Olds. Took 25 laps though. Was all over you for 1st half of the lap then you’d pull away for the 2nd half. Good fun.


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