Hard Luck Racing's Hotlap Challenges Week 14: Grand Oak National, B Class, Modern Sport Compact

Now that is a class car! Great pick.

I am sure it’s going to be SOLID.

My target is to level-up 4 cars (2 of them are ready) for this HLC. Then, start building/tuning & racing, then, rinse & repeat!

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Lights out, and we are off to Yas Marina North Corkscrew to run your Street Drag Racers in B Class.

I doubt that anyone will be challenging the #1 this week, but can we get some cars into the top 10?

For this first week we will be offering personalised liveries for the top 3 drivers at next Monday’s close of play.

Also, to encourage the tuners amongst you to share their setups for the non-tuners, we are offering a personalised livery to the tuner that has their setup run by another driver, and placing the highest. So tuners let us know which cars you have shared setups for, and drivers, let us know whose setup you used to run your lap.

Above all, enjoy yourselves


Yeah, start your engines…and…GO!

Best of Luck to all!


First car up to Level 5. Brakes and anti roll bars added. Cooking on gas to be running some B class times by Wednesday/Thursday :sunglasses:.

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Glad to see you running these again. It has been a long while.
I run on PC with a wheel and usually use Chase Far Cam. Still as slow as ever.

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Good luck everyone !!

Would like to help out with some solid tunes for people to get started in

These are all v1 and will be improved on through the week

Best way to get the tunes is add me as friend RP Chronic then go to setup manager and “get tunes” mine should pop up there first or search for RP Chronic


1970 Chevy chevelle - 59.799

1972 Chrysler valiant charger - 59.751

1968 Holden monaro gts 327 - !!! 59.447 !!!

1971 Plymouth GTX - 59.781

All tunes are ready to go probably tested the chevelle the most since it’s one of my favourite cars and it has proven really good in online lobby’s so far

I have a gto to lvl 27 and will be working on getting that ready probably by tomorrow

Going to start running some laps and will update the cars and builds to see what’s best for Yas


Well hot dang didn’t except this !!!

This is just v1 of the tune I think I can get it more stable and play with build a but but eh I’ll take it !!

All tunes and times in post above

Put a new tune up for the gtx and the charger but that Holden is just nuts

Easiest car to drive out of them all is the GTX and chevelle the hardest to drive is the charger and mid skill would be Holden will get the gto lvled for tomorrow GL everyone :+1:t3:


Awesome runs Chronic! You sure do know how to kick things off!


Honestly wants expecting that from the Holden I thought the charger would be the go 2 car this week but ya she moves lol I believe I could break into the 56’s but will see how it goes

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I know there is more there, just can’t quite get it yet.


Guess it’s not official until I get it into rivals… but this far, best time is a 1:02.917 in the Chevelle… PI 588 presently…

Not bad for having just gotten the car tonight and work on my own tune.

I can’t manage more than like 3 laps before the tire temps are full red… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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You might want to check your camber settings for those HOT temps!

Thanks… the temps are even across the tire. Camber is 1.6/1.1 with caster @ 6… :man_shrugging:t2:

I was thinking it could be too much stiffness in the suspension pushing the tires past their adhesion to frequently… gonna work on loosening things up tomorrow… not to mention fiddle with the pressures… currently running 33.5/30 fr/rr


1:00.361 good start. Just glad to be back. Thx guys


Me at the end of the week

  • Console
  • Controller
  • Chase Far
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Great start! Maybe that no 1 time is possible :+1:


Looking forward to trying this later levelling up the GTO nicely, tuning myself as I go , pretty new to tuning so if I can get it to go in a straight line I’m happy ,…but to be fair I’ve spent far far to much time painting it :person_facepalming:.


Don’t think it’s possible in these cars lol monopeak has more #1 times in fm then I think anyone else