Handbrake gone wrong?

Hello, I bought a g920 awhile ago and at one point tried to wire up a handbrake. Long story short, I ended up messing it up. Idk if anybody has run into the same issue or has any ideas on how to fix it but it’s worth a shot. I had the wheel torn apart and soldered in wires where the connections for the B button were suppose to be. I got it all back together and some buttons didn’t work while others were acting as the wrong buttons. I tore it back apart today and removed the wires that I had previously installed and put it back together as it came. I am still having the issues. My D-pad doesn’t work at all, the only buttons that work are the A button and the xbox button, but the A button is acting as the X and Y buttons simultaneously. My pedals and gear shifter also do not work after this. Everything worked perfectly before I did any of this. I could use some idea on how to fix it or where to get a board so I can just replace it. Thank you.