Halloween Bash 2014 - FH2 - Xbox One

Hi, all,

Just in case it was missed, the Halloween Bash is on this year. Click here: HalloweenBash if you want to participate.

All skill levels are welcome. You do not have to be a skilled painter to participate. The only rule is that the livery be of some Halloween nature.

If you haven’t participated in a Halloween Bash before, then you should come join in the fun. And, if you have been part of one before, then you know it is a fun time on the forums.

The Halloween Bash gift car was revealed on Friday on the Forza Twitch channel. The Halloween Bash car is revealed at about 20 minutes into the broadcast. If you missed it, you can catch the saved replay of the broadcast here: HalloweenBashCar.

So, come on over! It will be fun! And, you have a chance to add this car to your garage:

2014 Halloween Bash Car:



Really nice livery vix, awesome work, I’ll definitely have at least 1 ready for the bash it’s about 60% finished at the moment


Cat Focus looks Puurrty! Re-lived the old threads last night looking at the past designs… some really good times in there :slight_smile:
Am very nearly done with my design, sent a roll call message out via twitter so hope can get plenty more painters involved.


Very nice work LV, although I will miss the Halloween bash Cant wait to see all the nice work .

still haven’t got my fh2 disc… so… can’t join… have fun everyone!!

Awesome livery LV!

Thank you for the compliments.

And, thank you to all of those who have entered the Halloween Bash (AB and G333nz). I am liking what you have added to the Bash for paints. Thank you for taking the time to enter and brings some awesomeness to the Halloween offerings. :slight_smile:

Sorry, we will miss you this year, Snake. You often do something super fun. Hopefully we will catch you next time. You, too, Cheddarbob, we will miss you as well.

Thanks LV, shouldn’t be long now. Counting down the days till I open up my nice shiny toy and bust into my next gen Forza game. Soooo many layers to get lost in :slight_smile:

Been a big fan of the Halloween Bash for years now, but have never got around to entering.
Here’s my entry for this year… Lamborghini Urus:

Plus, added the livery to the Ferrari F12:

Thanx for running this contest.
I’ve been a big fan of your work for a long time.


heres mine finished
GetPhoto.ashx(87) by gr333nz
GetPhoto.ashx(86) by gr333nz
GetPhoto.ashx(85) by gr333nz

Lots of very cool designs to collect!
Thanks again for running the Bash Vixen!


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Nice paints folks, wish Id had the time to try something.

Those are fantastic!

Here’s my submission (on short time, not that it mattered. lol)

And an updated version…

Thank you for the other entries. And, welcome to those of you who are first time entrants into the Bash.

All the photos in here added an extra special shine to the Halloween Bash. Thank you so much for taking the time to paint something for this event. You made it a success.

Everyone who posted an entry here has their paint featured for the weekend. Yay! I hope you get lots of downloads.

I have also sent out your “Forza Cat” cars. When you download your car, the thumbnail may look like the car has not been painted, but simply get into the car and Forza Cat will appear. Like magic! :slight_smile:

Thank you again, each and every one of you. You make me proud to run the Bash. You people are AWESOME!