Hall of Shame The Worse Dirty Racers


I’m here to create a topic of the worse dirty racers currently in the Forza 7 multiplayer lobbies. It truly does makes everybody’s game experience a horrible one when we run into a dirty racer who has nothing better to do then to wreck people… we have no idea what leads them up to this moment maybe something to do with they can’t compete fairly or accept defeat. So they find others ways of finding victory in such a heinous way. Anyway, something has to be done about it and hopefully the Turn 10 team will pick up on this and hopefully does something about it. I’ll update this topic as I go along catching dirty racers not just targeting me but other racers as well.

If anybody got any videos they’d like to share of a dirty racer you have caught, please feel free to share them on here

This racer probably tops the worse in my books by far, here is a driver and I suspected he was doing it for his buddies to get them to get 1st and 2nd because everytime they drive by him he doesn’t wreck him but anybody else behind them he wrecks.

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