Guys, stop doing clickbait titles, please.

Hey community members,

as a regular visitor of these Forums i get really annoyed when i see thread titles like “Am i really the only one?” or “This can’t be, can it?” or “Incredible, what i’ve encountered”.
Its this annoying popular culture thing of titles with no actual information but with a maximum of mystery and drama to them so one gets the feeling that there MUST be something REALLY special about them, something you CAN NOT miss or else you’ve missed a life altering experience.
So, please, try to include in your title at least some information about what your first post is about. Its not that hard as there are very good examples here already.



I agree, but I don’t see it stopping anytime soon, especially when there are many people around here who think their problems or concerns or “i hav been playing since farza matorspart 1 on or1ginal xbox so my opin1ons are impertent” are more important than anything else.


I think it’s also people being emotional and coming in here and making those threads and not paying attention to the title. They want to blow off some steam, and dont think about the fact that not everyone around here is in the same state of mind or on the same emotional level as they currently are.

If you are from pc just pass the mouse over the title so you don’t even have to open the page.
Anyway I agree with the OP.

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Welcome to the internet. Accept that click-bait titles are always going to be there, and simply rein in your curiosity and ignore them. It’s not in your control to prevent them, but it is in your control to ignore them.

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I understand that clickbait is here to stay, but its just striking to me that it starts to even be used in forums like this, where it literally serves no purpose, because people dont make money off of them here. Its not like you need to bait people into clicking your thread like it is on some Youtubevideo where you have ads, or on some pages where the articles are monetized by the ads on the side of the page or whatever. There i sort of “understand” the clickbait although i despise it, but at least i get the thinking behind it. However it doesn’t serve a purpose here tbh. Its just baffling to me that this is even in such forums because it shows that maybe people dont even think about it anymore, because they gotten so used to it that its in their nature to clickbait unconsciously.

Isnt this a click bait thread?


If you see a thread with a deliberately misleading title use the report function.