[GUIDE] Workaround for leaving Club with 1 member

So they managed to somehow create a completely unnecessary and infuriating system where if you make a Club, you can not delete or leave it until you transfer ownership. No problem, nothing a little life hacking can’t fix.

Step 1. Go to xbox.com and click Sign in in the top right. Now instead of using your normal account, you will create a second Microsoft account and then an Xbox profile.

Step 2. Open the Xbox Console Companion app on Windows. Sign in to your newly created account. (You might have to sign out of your main one)

Step 3. Search for your main account on your secondary account. Now add yourself as a friend.

Step 4. Switch back to your main account and accept the friend invite and make sure to select that you are Friends on the prompt.

Step 5. Invite your new “friend” to your Club

Step 6. Switch account and accept the Club invite

Step 7. Switch back to main account, make your secondary account an Admin, Transfer ownership, Leave the Club, and live your life in peace human.

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