{GUFT} Amatuer Tuning Comp - Free car with paint, winning tune released as GUFT

Hi All,

Flip sent me a Honda Civic SI a while back with a paint and tune but I thought I’d do something different so here’s hoping I get some takers! The idea is an amatuer tuning comp, so I gift you the standard car with paint loaded unlocked, you tune it and send it back, I drive it as fast as I can for 6 laps and the fastest time wins.

************* Please put your Gamertag on the car before sending it back with your tune on so I know whose is whose *************

Track: Hockenheim National (I need a new PB there)
Class: Tune to C425 max PI

I will limit this to 10 entrants maximum and will allow a couple of weeks to get the car over to you / tuned / gifted back to me to run.

The fastest tune in my hands will be released on this thread as a GUFT car so only enter if you’re happy to share your tune UNLOCKED for free!!!

Feel free to add any body parts and build as you see fit, this is meant to be fun so no moaning about my lap times in your tune please :slight_smile:

each entrant will get 10 mil cr to use for building and can keep any spare change, entrants will win 10 mil for 1st down to 1 mil for 10th if they want the cr.

Think that’s it so please let me know if you want in, I say amatuer as I’d prefer those that want to try tuning for the first time or the shy guys that just don’t want to be shown up by the big boys to get involved but this is open to all of course.



Savoury69 - Car gifted - Tune received

RacingBerzerker - Car gifted - Tune received

deeps again - Car gifted - Tune received

HLR Juggernaut - Car gifted - Tune received

Wan Ge 1 - Car gifted - Tune received - Tune received, lost and received again LOL

Cipher1962 - Car gifted

Cobuser - Car gifted - Tune received (I think)

Ronbo613 - Car Gifted

Designingleek47 - Tune received

FAA MAD JAMMER - Car gifted

Chevy88 - Car gifted

OneLapMagic - Car gifted

I’ll have a shot at that, cheers mate.

Sounds good fun mate. Count me in for both of comps.

I’ll try this also Thanks

I’ve only tuned a couple cars in Forza 4, I’ve actually built more race cars in real life. I think I’ve got the general idea, haven’t tried a Honda yet. I’ll accept you challenge, if I do a crappy job I’ll send your stuff back…

in it to win it =)

Send me one please, I’ll give it a try. Sounds fun. Thanks

I will give it a try Dazza

Will gift the cars over to Wan Ge 1 and Cipher1962 tomorrow, added the below to 1st post as it’s very important :slight_smile:

************* Please put your Gamertag on the car before sending it back with your tune on so I know whose is whose *************

I’d like to give it a shot if there is a free slot for me…


Fire me one over please fella, I’ll give this a go.

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If you’re not on my friend list send a request so I can gift the cars to you later today.


Hmm… I think I’m starting to get this dialed in, With bit better driver it would be in 1:41.9XX range which would be in 600’s (according to test,drive which isn’t quite accurate) Gotta hotlap it before giving it in… Not happy with the gearing, I have to choose which is worse, shifting just before the corner up and down, or shifting in midcorner, which sends it off the track more than often… Soon as I get that solved I’m calling it ready.

Sounds promising Juggernaut, don’t forget I’ll only run 6 laps so will probably need to do a slower banker lap to get a clean one registered if the car goes off the track easily. I’ll do my best to learn any traits of the tunes but everyone should keep this in mind. Also remember I’m rubbish on most tracks and worse on this one :slight_smile:

Everyone that’s entered is entitled to 10 mil cr to spend on building the car, if you want / need the cr put a car in the AH for 10mil with 24hr buyout and send me a XBL message or post here stating what I should go get.


… Btw. what Model/Year is the Civic?

it’s -99

haven’t seen any more takers these last few days. - can I has last place dazza? probably where I’ll place - my car is pretty pedestrian; nothing too fancy, just a straight forward FWD CIVIC Si ;^) already in your inbox, assume you want to get this party started! and thanks.

Issue 1. I still have not received the car. Not big deal, but I liked the paint =o)

Issue 2. Just want to make sure of your driving style.
Oversteer > understeer or otherway around?

Sorry Juggernaut, I really thought I’d gifted the car already! Should be in your file depot now mate. I prefer a little oversteer and drive with all assists off except steering which is on normal rather than sim.

Got a whole week off work after tomorrow so planning to run the tunes Sunday onwards with the aim of getting results up by next weekend if possible.

Good luck all


*** There’s a space opened up so if anyone wants in on this speak now and I’ll get the car over to you ASAP ***