GT Championship Season 2 Kicks Off

AFMG GT Championship Season 2 Kicks Off!

Attention all racing enthusiasts! The Australian Forza Motorsport Garage is thrilled to announce the commencement of GT Championship Season 2!

Here are the key details you need to know:

Event Schedule:
-5 Round Series: Buckle up for five adrenaline-packed rounds!
-Weekly Races: Join us every Saturday night, starting from April 20, 2024.
-Qualifying: Get ready to hit the track at 8:00 PM Sydney time. Lobby doors swing open half an hour prior.
-Race Duration: Expect heart-pounding action lasting between 90 and 120 minutes.
-12 Manufacturers: Whether you’re a fan of precision engineering or raw horsepower, we’ve got a lineup that’ll make your engine roar!

-Get Ready to Burn Rubber!
Whether you’re a Pro or a Amateur, Season 2 promises high-speed drama, fierce competition, and unforgettable moments. Strap in, tighten those seatbelts, and let’s chase victory across the digital tarmac!

See you on the track!

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Round 2 tonight !!!

GT Season 2 Round 1 (

Onboard from round 2, Round 3 this Saturday!

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Great racing at Round 3, @Sin took out the win in both races and has elevated his ballast to 45 the most we have seen so far this season well done.

Overall Results - @vVv STU vVv has stretched his lead to 11 points over TCR Redd, During race 2 @Tylor after running wide some debris had compromised components ultimately leading to a retirement. @MrPineapple & @W0nd3r1and22 in 3rd and 4th split by 1 point from each other and 6 points to 2nd.

License Highlights - @W0nd3r1and22 has jump into 1st position in Pro-Am, @ando_awesometimes holding 1st in Am over @KizzaKG who is on the move showing great pace.

Manufacturer Championship - AMG Mercedes has been snapping up drivers going for ultimate attendance dominance.

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Round 4 showcased some clever tactics, setting the stage for a thrilling finale at the NĂĽrburgring with a 17-lap showdown. With a significant points haul on the line, this race is poised to be the championship clincher.

Kudos to Sam and Noble for their impressive victories. A special shout-out to Am License driver KizzaKG, who made a remarkable dash to the podium at Yas Marina Circuit, steering the Bentley to an exceptional finish.

–Info for 17 Laps of Nürburgring Final Round–
Rules have changed for the NĂĽrburgring Endurance race this Saturday night
-Limited damage (tire/fuel only)
-2x tire wear
-No mandatory stops
-VSC if there is a huge incident with 2 or more cars
-Nurb GP Sprint Circuit for Qualification