**GSW upcoming Challenge**

you gotta fix your GT now. Tsukajoe1

they edit it now

KH count me in as well if you’ve still got room for entrants. I’ve only recently started tuning, so I’d like to see where I can improve.

Wow, Knucklehead, this competition is starting to get pretty busy. You may need to start putting a cap on this.

I dont like to put caps on comps. Just as long as everyone know how much driving I will have to be doing.

If I am on the box and driving it may as well be contest cars, instead of trying to survive the Crash Infested Public Lobbies.


Can you add me to the list thanks mate!

If you still take entries Knuckle, put me up for one spot.

Thank you

I was sad I missed the last one, so if there are any more spots, I’d love to throw my entry in, too.


I would like a spot. Maybe Silverstone, short

I will update OP when I get to work. Everyone is in. Voting ends Monday I think.

OP Updated

Everyone make sure they VOTE. Link in OP

Hello Dave ,

I see my name on teh reserve list , means that Im in or not ??

I like to participate !!

You are in I have your spot reserved.

OK thanks :-))

placed my vote…thank you for the link in the OP.

Knuckles…here is a way that we can attach prizes to your comp, and also get winners into the spotlight as a Turn’ 10 choice for some time.


some reason, that link doesn’t work…but the link appeared in this thread…

Thanx SCH.

I will be posting a Thread for the Contest soon. So even though we dont know the track I will set the other rules and Deadline to share tune.

Everyone go HERE

What assists do you drive with KH if any??

I will put in OP


Please remove me from the entry list KH. I have a child due this week, so will be too busy.