**GSW upcoming Challenge**

Votes are in - 19.4% for Spa, Silverstone GP, KH Choice.

So with that being said, lol Looks like a 3 track event.

Points system - Say 20 cars are entered 1st place get 20 points, 2nd get 19 ect…

GSW Budget Challenge

I use TCS, ABS, Manual w/clutch

A Yas track would be cool.

Was saving that for another Challenge that I have in mind, lol

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Ahhh :smiley:

Count me in again Knuckle, I really enjoyed the last one!

Count me in , whatever the track/class/drivetrain is .

Would love a reserve spot please Knuckles , I think I have time before everything goes pair shaped at work.
Happy with any track

Coops your sig is very distracting …LOL

Would love to do this again. It was fun seeing how I stacked up against others and getting feedback.

Hey Knuckles go and ahead count me in again. Can’t to see what you got for us this time.

Yes please …

Can i play too?

Sorry WearyMick i hit the wrong option…IShould have hit reply

Can i play too??? Please!!!

Count me in if you have room…this would be my first comp :slight_smile:

I’d like a spot please.

I’d love to participate again, please. I had a lot of fun in the last challenge.


Edit: Oh yeah! I’m so sorry! I wanted to thank you very much for your input on the tune I entered and for running the challenge! Thank you!


I’ll have another go pls KH

I would like to get in on this as well. Please count me in.

I’d like to give this a go please mate, last one looked good

spot before you run out. lol
vote for silverstone,just because the new layouts are pretty cool.