Gshn91's Photos

Hey everyone, new here. Just like to share my photography and always looking for constructive criticism and feedback. Thanks for looking!

Nice start! I like the second shot!

You have selected a good location for a side on image as seen in this one. However in my view the overall shot would of turned out better, if you had positioned the car a bit more to the left. Because by doing this would of got rid of some unwanted scenery. While keeping the good scenery in view for such a style of shot.

thanks guys

good eye, i didn’t catch that!

The front 3/4 shot of the Merc is my favorite from the set. I think it could have used a tiny bit more color to make it stand out a bit. A bit more exposure could have worked, but with the headlights always being on in this game and no way to turn them off, it probably would have made them too distracting.