Grip Shift Infantry

GSI (Grip Shift Infantry) is a full sim race team established 3-29-16. We are all about close, competitive, fun, clean, full sim racing. All members are expected to act in a considerate manner which does not ruin other peoples racing experience. Its all about fun in the end right? We are actively recruiting. We are planning on running some very good series starting soon. Everyone on the team is active almost daily so even if you don’t wish to join the team, we are always looking for more people, who enjoy full sim racing. So send us a message and grab a spot on the grid.

To apply contact.

Team Leader: DSI DURT3 GOOS3
Team Captain 1: Spud Reefer
Team Captain 2: WAR WOLF0534

join DSI Durt3 Goos3

Season one info/rulebook will be up by friday 4-8-16.