Great Gallardo tunes?

Don’t know what it is, but it seems no matter what tune I put on this car, it slides all over the place when cornering. Anybody have a tune that helps reduce this significantly? TIA

What class do you want it for and do u want it to be a grip build, power build, or a mixture of them?

I generally go for the most driveable tune with a mix of power and grip, in whatever class best suits those requirements, if that makes sense. That said, the Gallardo seems like it needs more of a grip tune…or better tires.

Class?..i do have an A class, it’s in the grip side very nimble and easy drive.

I think A or S class is most suitable for the car. I will check out your A tune. Thanks!

I will get u an A class gallardo tomorrow. I will make a video opeb source so you can do what you please with it.

Wow, that’s mighty kind of you. Thanks!

Video editor was messing up so here you go.

A class:

Stock motor with centrifugal supercharger
Race intake
Brakes spring and roll bars race
No cage
Stock weight

Drivertrain is all stock except race diff
Stock tire compound and width.
Rims are stock pr find one the same weight
Front and rear aero

28.5/28 tires
-3.2/-3.5 camber
0/0 toe
7.0 caster
20.01/24.51 roll bars
900/1000 springs
3.6/3.6 height
11.2/12 rebound
3.5/4.6 bump
Max aero
52/140% brake
50/0 front diff
50/15 rear diff
70 balance


This car isnt fast but thats a given in A class since its so heavy. Will do an S class one if you want it

S class

Well i just used the same tune and it feels juat as good if not even better.

Remove intake add race exhaust and race supercharger

Add race weight reduction

Add full tire width and lightest rim

Should have 660 hp 447 torque and weigh 2933

Stats are

GREAT tune for S class. Thanks, dude!

Glad you like it dingdong!