Graphics problem please help!

how to fix ? on pc

Which graphic card are you using ? If you are using an Intel HD graphic card or any onboard graphic card you may be seeing this issue in many games. Onboard graphics like Intel HD Graphics aren’t designed for high-end gaming, so expect to turn the settings way down if you want to try playing modern games.
Try updating your graphic card drivers for better outcomes. They often contain important optimizations that dramatically improve performance in newly released games. To ensure you get the best gaming performance, you should be using the latest graphics drivers.

Windows is conservative about updating graphics drivers, as only PC gamers really need the latest graphics drivers whenever they’re released. Download Driver Update Utility and run it to find if there are any new graphics drivers available directly from the graphics card company. Install any graphics driver update it finds.

Welcome welcome to the forums!! Just wanted to add this link to add on to your above message to make sure they are meeting the requirements to run Forza smoothly as well on their pc. Forza Horizon 5 system requirements: Can my PC run it? | Windows Central