Graphics - Invisible cars and bumpers after update 2.0

Multiple times, some AI cars show only the driver and wheels. No body, chassis, engine, etc. The bug appears both in-race and in the replay. Screenshots of both included.

Evo missing bumpers and an RX7 missing the whole shell last night in Free Play.

The umtimate weight reduction.

The ultimate clue that this game was NOT rebuilt from the ground up.

Hey Chris… you forget to “Build the rest from the Ground Up” - Another Masterpiece :clap:

All Tracks, All Drivatar Levels. 22 Ford GT (not myself) with Maximum Weight Reduction :man_facepalming:

free mode, multi class racing, xbox serie X

car without bodywork
on other cars, parts were not visible too (bumper, etc.)

movie : kalydub |  Xbox