Graphics - Game is blurry when using TAA, stretched at higher resolutions like ultrawide (1634704)

I’m fighting the whole day with the graphics settings.

It seems like I cant completely turn off dynamic resolution and it’s always scaling down. The graphics, especially in the cockpit view, are very blurry and buttons are simply not readable. rpm gauge and speed is readable, but flickering.

I literally have to put the resolution scaling to 150% or higher to get anywhere of a sharp picture.

Doesn’t matter what I test. Dynamic resolution on ultra. Everything manually on ultra. Makes no difference. Already updated the graphics driver. Of course also restarted the system multiple times.

I also tested it on my second monitor which is 2560x1440p. Still the same problem. Also tested a complete reinstall of the game. Still the same problem…

Additionally to that I have really annoying frame drops on some tracks at the same spots. Game is running with ~80 fps (even in benchmark mode) and at some points on Silverstone, Nürburgring, and some other tracks the fps drops down to 30fps. It’s literally unplayable like that.

I’m running a 5800x and a RX6800 at 3440x1440 with AMD drivers 23.9.3.


For comparison the same car with also ultra settings on 3440x1440 in Forza Horizon 5. Much sharper buttons and cockpit. :frowning:

Exact same issue and reaction. I’ve been fiddling with settings for over 2 hours trying to make it look sharper without losing half of my frame rate. But I’m on an nvidia GPU (3080)
Is this intentional or a rendering bug?
I’m tempted to download it to my series x so I don’t have to obsess over this any more, Though I don’t know if it’s any better there.

Edit: It absolutely looks fine on Series X even in performance mode.


Game is looking quite blurry, TAA off option would go a long way in fixing this.

Edit: Also please dont recommend DLAA/DLSS/FSR as they are also temporal. No AA/MSAA are the only ways I play my games.

Yeah, this needs to be 1# priority.
The whole point of PC gaming is to have the option.

I game on PC specifically to turn OFF temporal algorithms such as TAA and FSR.

Many people hate TAA.
I have a 3060 and I still hate DLAA just as much.
TAA and any temporal AA or upscaler makes games unplayable personally.
Including this one.


Even if TAA is relied on to reconstruct certain effects, that shouldn’t make it impossible to disable it.

Even if the image ends up looking undersampled, low resolution, or full of dithering, the option is still well worth having. Ideally, it would be best to be able to set all effects to full resolution, but I’d settle for just having a barebones off option which would let users supersample or use reshade to try and clean up the image if they want to.

This is essential for lower resolution displays too. The series S targets 1080p and is much, much blurrier than any past motorsport at the same resolution. It’s fine if you can’t stand shimmering but it’s unacceptable and actually nauseating for a fair amount of people


I’ve downloaded the game to my Series X because I couldn’t get a clear image on my PC without killing the frame rate. It looks miles better.
Hoping TAA fixes will come very soon.


Yup! Same here. Especially looking at cars up close in Forzavista for example really exacerbates the issue. Something also looks very wrong with AA. And this comes on top of the poor performance. I’m on a RTX3080 and can’t seem to get any acceptable framerates no matter the graphics settings, resolution or DLSS mode. Something seems definitely broken with the PC version of the game at the moment.


Series X uses TAA as well but dont blame you if you get better performance there.


The game is performing like a hot unoptimized mess. Even if I set all graphics options to Auto, it’s stuttering and getting hung up when ever the graphics is attempting to render something. When loading into the Hakone race, I was met with 28 - 34 FPS and low resolution textures everywhere. The cut scenes before and after the race ran at what appeared to be 2 frames a minute. This is unacceptable.


Exactly the same. Performance and Graphics are a disappointment imo.
The Cutscenes are pixel perfect because there’s no downscaling going on so the obvious pointer is the scaling and temporal filters which are forced (TAA).

I have a 6800XT + 3600. I can choose to either play somewhere 2K-4K with 60FPS. What I typically like to do is run 144fps at whatever playable resolution as long as it’s 1080p or above. In this game because of the strong temporal rendering, it’s simply not possible. The filtering does not adjust for resolution either.

The combination of forced Dynamic Rendering and TAA is catastrophic for the game’s looks. Even at 4K, it’s very noticeable. I’m a Game Developer and what I would say is if I was an Artist working on this game, I would not be very happy!

If you play this game at 1080p, this is what you get. It looks worse than FM5. I would actually prefer to play FM4 because of the Blur:

Uncompressed Photos (No loss of quality):



Got the same Problem on 2560x1440 fullscreen with 100% rendering scale on my RX6700XT with 23.9.3 drivers. Image is very blurry (looks nearly more like 720p) and the absence of an option to disable the TAA comes on top. I have even Radeon Image Sharpening (RIS) set at 100% in the driver, but it doesn’t really help much. Fiddeled like the past 6 hours or so to find a solution then came up to this topic to see I’m not alone with this.
Please Devs, a fix or an option to disable any resolution scaling like in FM7 would be nice. And I, personally, would like to see MSAA as an Option besides TAA. FM7 ran super fine on AMD GPUs, this one is really performance hungry and looks even worse then FM7. Thanks


The shaders compile before you can access the game. This is so the graphics can be rendered appropriately. I imagine it’s selective. So for example, unneeded ones aren’t being compiled. Maybe it is simply not compiling the correct ones.

However, from my experience in Game Dev, this doesn’t seem to be the problem. The issue seems to be either:

  • Dynamic Resolution Scaling is far too strong
  • The LOD for objects are not being swapped at the correct distance

TAA is certainly ruining the experience either way and there’s zero excuse for it. Anyone running this game on a PC with the minimum settings will 99% likely have the option to use an advanced non-temporal AA solution through a Driver. There isn’t a reason for the engine to no implement one either.


I wanted to add a picture that I took ingame a couple of hours ago. This is what it looks like for me at native monitor resolution of 2560x1440, rendering scale at 100, dynamic rendering etc ultra, textures at max possible setting, anisotropic filter 16x. Look at the tarmac, the trees in the distance, the grandstands. Even the car interieur is extremely blurry, the gauges are hardly readable. It really looks like this is rendered at a much lower resolution. It’s not anywhere near a sharp crisp picture at 1440p.

This is not really acceptable…


Agreed… they really need to add an option to disable TAA.

It sounds like MSAA isn’t an option this time around due to the engine changes. But at least let people run with no AA if the want to do that.

The image with TAA just looks too soft at 1440p. No amount of sharpening will really fix that either.


I get worse. Ultra, FSR Off, 150% Scaling on 1080p

FM '23 Images - Google Photos

Totally unacceptable.

For the S2000: Wheels are clearly not Black. The writing on the Start button is illegible. The Rev counter is also not animated as to how it should be when racing…

It doesn’t look much better in 4K either in my experience.


Yep, I really just can’t understand why they spend so much money on making these high quality textures just to slap Vaseline over them.

(Edit) I just ended up refunding. Forcing temporal artifacts in a game where literally everything is moving fast all the time tells me that there were decisions made by people that don’t really care about the game itself, and that destroys my confidence in the game’s future. Maybe I’ll try again if I see some big patches come out.


Definitely! TAA and DLSS are a compromise - sacrificing quality for performance, they should never be the default!


24 hours and still no response from the devs. not even acknowledged it. That’s finally the last game I preorder or buy early access… :frowning:


My game initially runs in ~60fps, but that’s for only one race or practice, after that I next race fps halves…
Running 5800x3d and RTX3070ti in 1440p…
Performance compared to FH5 is laughable, game looks awful compared to FH5 and still runs like sh*t…
I woke up at 6 to try the game, and spent 90% of in game time trying to set it up…