Graphic cards for Apex

Do I really need to buy an nearly obsolete R9 290 to play Apex Beta?
For half the price the new RX 480 outperforms the R9 290.
Will Apex run on a system with a 8Gb RX 480?

Is this a joke post?
If you buy a newer more capable graphics card of course it will work. It’ll even work better.
Now mind you don’t get it wet in the stream under that bridge…


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Known GPUs (discrete or integrated) that are supported by Forza 6 Apex:
AMD R9 or later (R9 280 or later)
NVidia GT/GTX 75x or later
Intel HD 4xxx and later (with Intel graphics driver 4444 or later)

QUIRK: With Intel graphics driver 4444 and later, the game will NOT install on Windows 10 Insider builds in the Redstone series; however, the game will install on Windows 10 build 1511 with the same or later drivers; this is something I have personally experienced. Workaround is to install Windows 10 15 (RTW Threshold), then re-update to your current Redstone build after installing Forza 6 Apex/Forza Hub/etc.

Im playing on my laptop it has nvidia gtx 965m i7 6700 hq 2.6 ghz and 12 g ram, the game plays well. Im gonna try it on my desktop when i get home.