Got a new XBox. How to move saved game?

I recently acquired a new XBox One X; replacing my Day One Edition. I used the transfer functionality to move game data from one console to the other, but the saved game did not transfer with the rest of the installed data. If I start FH4 (or FM6, since I’m still working on that one, too) on the new Xbox, will the game sync down from the servers? Should I attempt to use a USB drive to move the saved game data between consoles, if this would even work? I’m leery about starting either game until knowing how this works, after losing all my progress on FH3 last winter. I’ve always played online, if it matters.

Side question…new games sometimes provide bonuses or cars based on the progress of previous titles. If I don’t move of sync the data for the old games, will I lose out on those bonuses in the future?

Sorry if this has already been answered, but I didn’t see a support article about this, nor did I find any relevant threads with an actual answer.

Game saves are kept in the cloud
Just need to make sure you let it sync fully

Side question…the bonuses from previous titles are dependent on your forza hub rewards tier

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Are you sure about the saved game? The thing that prompted me to ask this question is that there is a Saved Data file in the game directory on the XBox. I guess I’m just trying to understand why that file exists if the saved game data is in the cloud.

that’s basically for when you play the game offline, if you are playing online there will be a cloud save
also there’s no way of actually moving that save from the actual xbox

I chop and change all the time between PC and xbox without issue

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