gossip: T10, wants to buy Kunos Simulazioni

gossip: T10, wants to buy Kunos Simulazioni (developers assetto corsa)
Today, many sim racing portals published the news, what do you think about this?

Post a link so that users can evaluate it instead of just spreading gossip.


Sorry that rumour was started by the cockroach in my broom closet.

Didn’t realise it would become news.

In short unless officially announced its meh to me.

What if its true? I could not care less and will not judge until I see the games that are produced going forwards.

That article looks extremely shady and unreliable. Seems like The Onion for racing simulator news.

The rumour’s already been debunked.


This is only speculation, but a lot of examples when a large corporation such as denying the existence of a new revision gaming console, and then it turns out that the rumors were true.

If these rumors are true, let’s think about why this deal?

Option 1) T10 wants to buy a competitor, even though the competitor and is tiny, but it has a lot to say when it comes to driving physics and simulation.
Option 2) T10 wants to adopt simulation technology, moreover it is a good PR Forza Motorsport 7, even if the possible physical engine will be changed beyond recognition towards casual gamers.
But it is quite possible that the T10 all still want to make a simulator and not simkada.
Or make physics more flexible from casual gamers to simmer.

If they really want to seriously change the approach to the physics of driving, it may indirectly indicate - that the upcoming GTS physics will be at the same level as the PC simulators. FM7 and did not want to lag behind

It is also possible to influence this decision plans to enter the PC market.
and the reaction of the players on the Forza Apex physics. she was very confused many.
Physics fm6 strange, it is too demanding, but it is far from reality. Many PC guys were disappointed.

Just do a curious assumption - that the physics of Forza 7 for the PC version will have physics Assetto Corso, and the console version will have fm7 ordinary physics))

I hope it’s just my joke. In any case, the movement toward a more modern technology a realistic physics is inspiring.
The main thing that it does not become a high-profile statement, followed by nothing. Approximately how beautifully told T10 - fm5 of physics, but it was Muln bubble.
I do not want to label “made in Kunos Simulazioni” was used for the exaltation of the poor, bad physics. So did in NFS Shift, with supposedly physics from GTR evolyution and it was a hoax.

In general, I want to release on the PC, and possible cooperation with Kunos Simulazioni brought real progress.

FM5,6 driving physics made me abandon the purchase fm6 and disappointed after buying fm5.
I am the owner Trastmaster TX

Gutted if this true, was looking forward to this game. If T10 got their hands on it, it wont get released :frowning: