Good clean racing by all

Nice little clean race of Spa in freeplay. I had a slight clipping of turn 4 but I’m not sure what was going on with the rest of the field, especially one that finished 7th with 17 penalties. Of the ones you can’t see they all had penalties as well. The 2 that finished in 23rd and 24th both got lapped 9 times with multiple times being passed after crashing into turn 9.


I mean if you made it a habit to clip a certain corner for maybe 0.4s penalty each, you do that 17x on 17 laps you end up with 6.8s penalty or 7.4s in his case because he sometimes got 0.8s?

You maybe developed this habit during open lobby short races for 4-6 laps you get 1.6s - 2.6s total but potentially won (or decent position) the race by shortcutting/clipping with a good chance you gained 0.4s in race time anyway making that shortcut.

Dirty and unclean mostly pays out in Forza at the moment.