Good and Perfect Turns

Sorry to ask again, but I’m new. Please define them, thanks!

Complete bologna. Don’t mean a thing nut supposedly it’s how well you take the corner I’m guessing by proximity to their defined apex.

What happens when the best fit line in the game is not where the best apex for the corner actually lies - at least based on some of the fastest ghosts for that track?

I am assuming it is based on how well you follow the racing line in-game. The in-game racing line is not necessarily the best line which could result in never getting a perfect turn. I imagine the in-game line is based on hitting the apex but in some cars and on some tracks it is better to aim for a late apex. This is all speculation, I don’t actually know how it works!

I’m pretty sure it depends on 2 things:

-racing line through the corner
-accelerating out of the corner

This is probably on the mark.

If you get 1/2 - Good
If you get 2/2 - Perfect

I agree with this assessment, thanks everyone for the help.

to get a perfect turn reward, you have to follow the driving line arrows from corner entry to corner exit. if it is two corners within close proximity then you have to do both corners.
a perfect example of this is atlanta, turns 5-6-7-8, turn is either a short left hander or a long sweeper to the right. you have to maintain all 4 corners to get a perfect turn reward.

which means more than likely that you went the slow way through the corner.

Yea, it just means you took the turn and hit the apex at an appropriate speed, but like it was aforementioned above…it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the fastest. I have sometimes run laps with just good turns that have yielded faster times than perfect turns…I mean of course this is contingent upon a myriad of things, but to me sometimes it feels that the “perfect” turn is “slower” than the “good” turn.

Perfect means you nailed the suggested T10 supplied racing line. Through a turn. This of course is no necessarily the fastest line through a corner nor a defensive line through a corner.
Good means you got close either you were a little off or braking late or slow etc. I could not tell you what criteria it uses as I have the lines turned off.
But even with the lines turned off you still earn good and perfect lines if you hit the marks. They are just stats that build up. There are also mod cards you can use that give you extra credits for hitting perfect turns.

It is based on the racing line as said above. For perfect it means staying on the line through the turn from beginning to end, good you had some wiggle. If you use the braking line (at least to start) you will learn what it they have set as the perfect line and keeping it yellow and centered will get you a perfect, anything off of that will result in a good. Once you learn the track you can turn off the line and still hit good and perfects based on your experience on that track. It is just a stat and doesn’t gain you anything.

I’m still trying to figure out how I’ve managed a hundred perfect turns on a track without even a single good turn, as I’m sure I don’t exactly follow their line.

Are you racing with assisted steering and/or assisted braking? This would make it pretty easy to get perfect turns and and not good turns.

No, neither. I’m actually thinking it’s probably one or two corners where I happen to use the same line, and every other corner I’m just too far off to even get a good turn.

That is usually the case, there are some turns that are very easy to get a perfect on and then the rest of the turns you are just off line enough not to rate even a good. If I am not specifically trying for perfect turns (for cash on the mod card) then I don’t even notice getting good, perfect or none. The Grid games kept track of the turns on each track and had checks for the ones you perfected so each race you knew which turns you still had not mastered. Forza does not care, it just tallies good and perfect and it can be the same turn over and over.

I’ve switched those messages off, only realized it when I browsed my track stats. But yeah, no way to tell which corners you got perfect on. Wonder how this overall count affects your drivatar.

I’d hope it makes your drivatar better at staying on the track and taking a sensible line as opposed to being all over the place and braking mid corner. I worry more about collisions for my drivatar. I don’t want it wrecking someones race.

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That would be nice! That’s a great idea/possibility. I wonder if there’s some truth to that. And if so, I wonder if it’s based on the track, like if you get all perfects on The Ring, if your drivatar races on the Ring, than say Lime Rock where you only get good turns, it races slightly better than average.

Don’t all drivatars do that? lol