God please I just want to play the game.

After about a million internet fixes and 3 tech support calls where the tech wiz tries so many fixes to no success and then give up cuz my case is hopeless, They’ve sent me here… SO PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!
I just want to play this game but it crashes after 20 seconds of showing me the splash art without any type of error pop up. I don’t know what the issue is and I don’t think I should have to, it s 60$ game
not some puzzle. Please if you can help me I’d be soooooo happy because when not even tech wizes at Xox and Microsoft can help you tend to lose hope. Please Forza I love you and have spent thousands of hours on my Xbox 360 playing your titles and I was so happy to get this for a birthday gift.

Please submit a ticket explaining your issue and attach a screenshot or video capture if you can.