Per Forza Hub - in Horizon 2 for xbox One it says “Go anywhere …” But I can’t do that!!! I bought the game JUST for the free driving. I can’t get into the “Online” part of the menu - It says I must have a Gold Live Membership! The game did not say on the box that I cannot play or use this game!!! What is wrong here? Is there a “hack” to open the game so that I can just drive around???

LOL you need to work on your reading and visual comprehension. I’m pretty sure with ANY game that goes onto the XBOX LIVE SERVICE requires a GOLD MEMBERSHIP.


The “Go anywhere…” tag refers to the open world nature of the game, so you can go anywhere in single player and there are a lot of fun off road races for you to do.

Actually you can’t go everywhere because there are a number of walled enclosures such as mountains, and the Car Meets are enclosed too. But you can go everywhere else which is a lot of fun.

Thought this would make sense you need Golf to go online. Maybe read just a little more next time.


Thank you for your reply, But in my Xbox One Horizon 2 I’m stuck at the qualifying race with 11 other racers. NOTHING else is open and I’m an old person not good enough to place 3rd out of 12.

Ha ha, you need to practice more. Also, there’s a Difficulty setting you could find where you can turn the opponent difficulty down to Easy.

You can adjust the difficulty in the menu before the race.

Once you complete the qualifying race and tutorial the whole map is open to you. As you progress through the tutorial portion, you ca still access the entire world but you won’t be able to do events at the “locations” until it’s been unlocked in a road trip first.