GMC Syclone 1991

This model was added to FH5 in June 2023. This topic reached 152 votes.

GMC Syclone 1991



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  • Forza Horizon
  • Forza Motorsport

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One of the fastest trucks of the 90s. The GMC brand is usually used for boring cars but this was a time they made it real cool.


Would be really nice to see the Syclone return in FH5. There are still a lot of 90’s trucks on Mexican streets so it would fit FH5 really well.


Better come back to FH5 since the Mexican roads look perfect for it.


today, picked this up in for auction in FH4!!!

my tune is titled: Heaven
paint: Nyclone


Can’t have one without the other


Syclone is now confirmed as returning to FH5 in Series 22. Will be obtained via Autumn season.



And i was right

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Hplefuly it goes on Motorsport too, we need more small trucks to make some fun track racing

!! literally counting the hours to arrival Syclonic, FH5 :black_heart:^*

Its unfortunate that we cant equip drift transmission while keeping it AWD.

Isn’t the Syclone a 4-Speed anyway?

Yes, but you can’t change the gear ratios. It comes with wide ratio 4 speed, when swapping high torque engine it is way better to have a close ratios transmission.

The top engine will be the 8.9 V8 where the power band at high RPM. The drop from 1st to 2nd is too big.

The other option is the 7.2 Racing V8, which can be turbo charged. But the longer time to engage the shift might case some stability issues like it did in FH4.

Give us this in the new motorsport!! Forget about horizon !!