GM EV1 concept 1996-1999

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would absolutely love to see this car in Forza. helps preserve its history.


1996 GM EV1

Launched in 1996, the GM EV1 is the first mass-produced and purpose-designed electric vehicle that was made after a widespread reception from the 1990 Impact Concept. It features a three-phase alternating current induction motor with an IGBT power inverter that produces 102kW of power and 149Nm of torque.

The EV1 was available for lease only in Los Angeles, California, and Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. However, the leasing programs have been expanded to San Francisco, Sacramento, and parts of the US state of Georgia.

Production ended in 1999 and most of the vehicles have been returned to the company with most being crushed and others becoming non-working museum displays. The controversial discontinuation of the EV1 became the turning point of the documentary movie “Who Killed the Electric Car?”