Glowing, shimmering, and ghost-like outlines/borders in cockpit view

Anybody know why the outline and borders of cars’ cockpit parts/components have a glowy and shimmery outline? It looks like my car is in half ghost mode or something.

I can see this sometimes on the outside of cars too at the back - e.g. around bumpers, exhaust tips and other parts at the back of exposed race cars and track cars.

It’s been there since day one - I mostly play on Performance RT.

Please, please - just get rid of this already. Makes me not want to use cockpit view or chase close cam.

It’s the horrendous RTAO implementation.
The sample count is too low (probably only 1 sample per pixel) to be properly denoised by the temporal denoiser…

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It’s just shockingly bad, that’s all.

No way this is a AAA Xbox exclusive. :neutral_face:


Would it be possible to provide a video of this in action?

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I had earlier posted here that the issue can be easily replicated in daylight conditions with cloud cover or overcast weather…

Mentioned every detail possible. Did that get deleted or something?



You’ve posted in the wrong thread…

Anyways my video clearly shows it.

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Yep, thanks for posting. It can be seen on the outline of the steering wheel and driver’s hands. @JetPartySalad

BTW, did post in the wrong thread - thanks for point that out. @TheMAK11

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If you have access to support tickets, please see ticket ID 554096

Here you go @JetPartySalad