Glitching scum

why so many people going out the map on virus [Mod Edit - inappropriate - DE]

Yeah I was playing and I saw these guys glitching out of the map and I got one of their gamertags. It was [Mod Edit - “naming and shaming” is not allowed here - DE] and he waited for quite a while to get out.

T10 ruined TAG on F5 IMO
Not even worth playing on F5
Tag on F4 was great, Jut let us play tag on the race track(s)!

I just report these people. When all but one are tagged and you circle the map a few times most likely they are out of the map. You know who it is looking at the status screen and report them and then block them. I had a lot of problems at first ( even made a post about it) but since I blocked 6 people It has been a lot better now.

Use the methods here: Report them for cheating.

yeh i report them all.

I was in a lobby and there was only 2 people on track the rest where outside it bring back forza 4 virus please and patch the glitch