Glitch when upgrading cars

I apologize if this has been mentioned before, but does anybody else noticed this when upgrading? Windshield and headlights black out it looks strange, not sure if this is being addressed in a hotfix.

I have the same issue, especially painting the cars. It started with the „10 year’s anniversary“ Update and got worse in Novmeber. The new Update today does not solve the issue.
It even seems spreading to other players via shared designs and auction house.

This bug was in the game from the release. It got fixed with a patch ages later but now seems to be back.

The thing is that I was originally also suffering from this bug but for me it didn’t return like it did for some of you.

I never had this bug, and I started playing the day it released. Just started for me a couple weeks ago, and getting worse. I don’t understand how a year in, bugs are being introduced in to the game. Crazy.

On the 2021 VW Golf R I got the same issue when using a non adjustable front spoiler.