Glitch/ Cheat

Clearly the next rational step is to shutdown Playground Games completely, find the offender hiding in the clown car, and give him a proper lashing. It’s really the only sensible thing to do at this point. Thank God the RAESR couldn’t squeeze in there, (for the RAESR’s sake, of course).

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I heard a rumour that if you put the drift gearbox in the p50 it will do 300mph and drive like it’s on rails while still remains in A class.

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Well it’s an identical programming fix, you put a collision box there. The other team did it before the problem was even posted.

If you want realism then the p50 would actually fit in that gap in real life, but of course it’s only a game so block it of with a everso real invisible wall.

It’s a game though, and it breaks the game.

Now that’s a fair point. Not that it will get fixed I imagine but who knows.

Like I said we can agree to disagree.

As far as concerned the p50 has that advantage, so if anyone wants that advantage then they are free to use it.

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Sudden visions of nothing but P50s in the game… all with that drift transmission A tune :wink:

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Well I did say it’s only a rumour so don’t blame me if it doesn’t work.

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LOL this takes me back to Midtown Madness 3 multiplayer where they used certain glitches and tricks to hide themselves. Good times :smiley:

You’re all talking about that car being a Peel… that’s an Isetta, I think.

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I think you’re right lol. Didn’t look that close. OK gang, stop picking on the Peel…


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You could always be the GOAT of these games, and take the little slow boring car too.

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The Isetta is not boring lol ! Fun little car :smiley: I’ve used it in Playground, not for that hiding trick, though if I’d stumbled in there I would have exploited the hello out of it and been Forza Link laughing the whole time !

So that trick could probably be done with the Isetta and the P50, I wonder what other cars too, I will have to experiment with a few other small cars to see.

Maybe the Morgan 3 wheeler?

I wonder if it’s possible to flip a car on its side without resetting it.

What makes it funny is if its the guy in Isetta messaging “Take the crown” :rofl:

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The beauty of those cars is you know exactly what the people using them will do. Caterham at the train station in FH4? :thinking::dragon_face: I would be there before their team mates could block them up. They would let a team mate in and even if you had the right car it was over.

Ok just tried the P50 and that definitely fits in there, the Morgan doesn’t as the front wheels are to wide.

So far its just the Isetta and P50.

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