Hi guys I’ve decided to give away one of my cars the Nissan GT-R SpecV with a Scarecrow paint job. You can have the car if you answer this question. In the Batman Arkham Asylum video game were was the first place Batman encounters Scarecrow’s fear toxin? The first person to answer gets the car! NOTE you must have XBOX Live Gold

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I believe it’s on the way to the morgue! Just before meeting mommy and daddy corpses! :slight_smile:

correct :slight_smile: I’ll give you a FR so I can send the car to you


Thanks! The design looks really good! I can’t wait to have it in my garage! :slight_smile:

It should already be in your garage

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Can someone gift me a paint job of halo reach on a mitchubishi starion esi-r 1988 for me I’ll gift you a good drift car